Project in progress.

Selfies proposes a group of interventions in the space that speaks about social media, virtuality and identity.

Now that virtual reality has, in some way, shattered real reality, our physical self becomes both a means and an obstacle to the promotion of our ideal identity built for networks.

The key moment in this process is when we interrupt a moment of vital experience to capture it, nullifying its real potential to expand it into the virtual narrative.

If Marc Augé told us about the non places, this photographic loop involves a nonbeing, or no consecutive experiences.

“The elimination of remoteness does not generate more closeness, but destroys it. Instead of that closeness, what emerges is a total lack of distance. This lack of distance inherent in the digital eliminates all forms of closeness and remoteness. Everything is equally close and equally far away.” Byung-Chul Han, The expulsion of the Other.

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