At this experimental workshop, the work that I developed with Blanca Bonet and Lucía Merlo is about technologic tools used for communication and mental barriers we have with the concepts individual/private and collective/public:

We secretly recorded the other participant’s conversations (in spanish and english) during the first days of the workshop. those were introduced in computer programs that transcribe vocal sounds into written texts and passed also throug translation programs to finally print them.

With those prints we invaded the common space and it is in that moment when our work started to work as a social decive, throug which we recieve reactions of rejection, indifference or interest when we got in contact with their space.

After, there were different reactions when they discovered their own conversations in the paper (some felt their intimity was invaded, some felt good with it, a show of interest from us).

That was finally complemented with an audio of the convesations (the audio we used for the texts, but also digitally modified), which was another way of occupy the space with the sounds of that space during the communal living.That technological intervention with transcribers and traductor programs means to question and speak ironically the supposed help of technollogy in communication.

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