Group of works about learnig the language made during my stay in Germany.

Du weiss nicht wass du trinkts (You don´t know what you drink)
Not understanding even the ingredients of some food became one moment a sign of all the unknown, also a doubt of certainties. In addition the title reffers to certain way to relate with food, through food industry, where literallu you don´t know what you eat.

Ich verstehe nicht (No entiendo)
Reffering to difficulties whit readding texts. Tipp-ex used to write on a text is about erasing the unknown (rejecting it) instead of investigae, as a result of frustration.

Die wortend die Ich kenne (The words I know)
Lined with red the words I know / erased with tipp-ex the words I don´t know.

Today is die zukunft de ayer
Interchangeable plnks to form the sentence “today is / the future / of yesterday” in spanish, english (as a bridge-language i used frecuently) and german.

Other works