Shadow project: Remember your square / Imagine your square.
Performance about the dismantlement of public spaces as social spaces through urban reforms.
To generate an active reflexion about this I organized a public meeting in Cabestreros sqare, (Lavapiés neghbourhood, Madrid) in which people could draw the things they remembered that used to be there, as well as what they would like was there.

With colour chalks, we painted shadows in the floor of what is missing (trees, comfortable benches, grass…) and progressively people turned to draw more freely and talked to each other, returning the social characture of which public spaces should naturally enjoy.

*This performance was presented as an open call , so I thank the photography collective RebelArte (CSOA Casablanca) for participate with a box camera workshop, and the open action about social demands of the neighbourhood that Virginia bring, as well as the participation of invited drawers.

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